Public Opinion: Related Content Services

A widget or a plug-in is integrated into your website and your page hits start to rise overnight. Sounds easy right? Only if you’re using an accountable related content service. There are plenty of them on the market but I want to look through the best ones and highlight the cream of the crop. And I want to do it in an unusual manner. Instead of reviewing them myself, I have gathered the reviews of its customers. So now let’s look at these services through the eyes of real end-users:

 1)       nRelate:

“We have been very impressed with the Nrelate Related Content plugin – it reduces server load compared to locally stored related post plugins, has numerous (easy) display and configuration options and the actual quality of related post calculation seems just as good as our previous plugin.”

“My adsense revenue doubled…My bounce rate decreased substantially.”

“This is the best related content plugin I’ve ever used.”

“You can change the size of the thumbnail shown in the nRelate posts to suit your particular site and you can have all this up and running getting you extra traffic and helping lower your Alexa score and bounce rate in the next half an hour … it’s really that simple!”

2)       Outbrain:

“Overall  provides a cost effective method of generating traffic that complements our other strategies. Therefore, if you regularly produce fresh, good quality content, Outbrain is definitely worth considering as a method to generate additional traffic to your website.“

“Outbrain is a great way to keep people on your website longer and make sure that they see the content they are most likely to enjoy before leaving”

“While there certainly are improvements and new features that need to be added, the Outbrain widget is a welcome addition to my own blog. Given their partnerships with many well established publishers, I expect Outbrain to be around for a long time to come.“

3)       MGID

“Since adding the FEM.MGID widget to our blog post pages, we are seeing tens of thousands of referrals each month. It’s been great for our traffic! The added bonus is the rich content.”

 “Working with MGID has been easy. MGID excels in the content marketing vertical; be it turnaround of campaigns within hours, optimizing teasers (194% page views increase month over month) to lowering the bounce rate by over 87% to name a few perks.

Ultimately it comes down to the traffic quality and vendor flexibility to optimize the campaign. MGID delivers quality US traffic that interacts with our site and MGID is happy to work with us on optimizing campaigns.”

“Signing up with MGID was certainly one of the best decisions of my webmaster career. MGID is sending a steady stream of high quality visitors to our site — day after day. You people are great! Thank you very much!”

4)       LinkWithin

“LinkWithin is good if you want to keep things simple.”

“LinkWithin is free and easy to install. It is ad-free. No sign-up required. And I have found the LinkWithin staff very responsive to questions and requests for minor tweaks.”

“If you are looking for a different way to showcase more of your blogposts on your blog, LinkWithin is definitely worth a try.”

5)       Vibrant Media

Vibrant media is different from the four mentioned above because they specialize in in-content ads. Nevertheless they also have a related content feature available and that’s what people say about it:

“Vibrant Related Content creates an automated linking system that will eliminate dead ends by ensuring there is always more relevant information within each article, and helps increase a user’s time spent on website.”

“Vibrant holds its ground well against its most powerful competitors. Since its founding (many years before said competitors sold their first ads!) Vibrant has proven profitable for thousands of publishers and didn’t hesitate to reinvent itself as the internet changed with time, keeping up with all the latest innovations in online advertising.”

That’s it! I recommend you to take a closer look at all of these related content services yourself and pick the one that works best for you.

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