Top 10 Services to Acquire Traffic

Whether it’s PPC, CPC, CPV, PPV or PPT advertisers like to keep their volumes of traffic high no matter the pricing model. One of the outstanding tools to help advertisers achieve this goal is traffic acquisition. It’s been very popular lately for one simple reason – it’s the fast way to increase website’s page hits.

If you’re an advertiser or a marketer who has already researched the traffic providers market, you have probably noticed that there are lots of advertising media agencies, digital media companies and traffic acquisition services out there. Have you asked yourself why? The answer’s simple – it’s because the digital world needs them! If there’s a demand – there’s going to be companies to meet the supply side of the equation! Just like Adam Smith taught us. No matter what market – vegetable, electronics or digital media, if it’s a market it’s governed by the same fundamental laws.

The next question that arises is how to make the right choice in selecting a traffic acquisition provider to help with your campaign(s)? Today you can literally lose yourself in the growing numbers of advertising opportunities/firms. To come up with a good answer to the question you have to understand:

What kind of traffic do you need? (content, mobile, video, product etc); and,

  • What payment model you should use to make the campaign cost-efficient? (PPC,CPC, CPV etc)

When you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready for the final step which is choosing the traffic acquisition provider. There are quite a lot of them and I have spent some time researching this matter in depth. Let me share what I’ve found:

1)      Google Adwords – everyone knows Google Adwords. Some say they have much better alternatives, but let’s be honest – Google is the BOSS. AdWords offers pay-per-click, i.e., cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, cost-per-thousand-impressions or cost-per-mille (CPM) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich-media ads. Providing all possible kinds of ad services, they remain the leaders.

2)      Facebook Ads – cheap and efficient. Acquire traffic through Facebook and you’ll be able to reach over a billion people. Just be sure you’re spreading the right message.

3) – for those of you who don’t know – it’s AOL’s business. They can send you traffic to PCs, MacBooks, Mobile Devices, Smartphones and wherever you’d like to. With a pool of 1, 500 websites and 60 million consumers they were able to build a really powerful business behind their brand.

4)      My Ads – NBC, Time Inc. and USA Today among their clients. Go for a consultation with them… if you think you will be able to pay the bill.

5)      LinkedIn – an amazing self-service if you’re searching for B2B opportunities. Prices are totally fine. You can acquire new customers for your business starting with as little as $10 a day.

6)  – an audience development platform worth using. They specialize in content and product advertising. Having very attractive prices they’re ready to put the necessary amount of organic traffic on your table. No scams, MGID promises to drive only real visitors.

7)      Pulse360 – I couldn’t stand including this one in the list. Whether it’s PPC, CPC or CPM advertising, they do it well. Only premium customers and spectacular marketing tools with decent traffic sales opportunities, make them number seven on my list.

8)       Blogads – this service specializes in blog advertising, so all the bloggers have to is jot it down in their “got to try lists”. Online since 2002, Blogads’ network consists of more than 3, 500 influential blogs.

9)      Jumptap – the best solution for those who search for mobile traffic acquisition. Jumptomap is reaching 134 million mobile users in the U.S. and 206 million mobile users worldwide. It’s a good service with a good reputation.

10)   Adotube – with Adotube you can acquire targeted traffic with just a little effort. This is a prominent video advertising provider that allows targeting and optimizing across multiple devices and video formats.

You may have noticed that the first seven providers on the list are big ones and have numerous opportunities, while the last three are smaller and provide excellent service only for their segment (blogging, mobile and video traffic). I did it this way because I wanted to show you that this market is well segmented and you may easily select the traffic acquisition options which answer the peculiar needs of your business.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Searching for a traffic provider you shouldn’t forget that this market is full of scams and fraudulent companies. Services 2-10 on my list are in absolute compliance with Google AdSense TOS, Penguin and Panda updates. Traffic acquired from all of the listed-above services won’t cause any conflicts with Google.